Best Business Name Generators (2024)

What’s in a name? Well, for a new business, it can mean everything. Choosing a unique, memorable name that sticks in consumers’ heads while effectively representing what you do can significantly boost your company’s chances of success. Alternately, a small business can be brought down quickly by picking a company name that is a total dud. Entrepreneurs put their company at a serious disadvantage by going with a moniker that is nonsensical, hard to pronounce, or unimaginatively follows recent trends. For example, it’s highly possible that the big-budget streaming service Quibi flopped spectacularly in no small part due to its puzzling name.

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Tips for picking a business name

Choosing the right business name may seem like a hassle, but following these rules of thumb will ensure that you don’t completely flub the name selection process.

Represent what you do

A successful startup name will allude to the type of product or service that your business offers. The name doesn’t have to be too on the nose, but it’s a bonus if consumers can easily associate your name with your product or service.

Simplicity is key

Picking a name that’s too long, difficult to pronounce, or overly clever is a common mistake. Many startups make the error of choosing a pretentious, punny name and end up paying the price by becoming a laughing stock on social media. However, don’t be overly basic with your name selection, either.

Don’t be overly derivative

Many of the most memorable brand names–Go Pro, Nike, Lego–have a lot in common: they are short, distinct, and catchy. However, it would be an error to model your business name too closely after that of an existing business. These names are memorable for a reason: they are unique.

Be flexible

You’ll want to choose a scalable name in case your company transitions into a different line of business or begins to sell additional types of products. For example, you may sell hats now but might decide to sell bathrobes as well later down the road. In this case, it’s not a great idea to put “hats” in your business name. The best name is one that is brandable and applicable to a wide range of products.

Why use a business name generator?

The problem most young companies face when choosing a creative business name is that many great name ideas have already been taken. It is possible that after brainstorming for hours, you still can’t come up with an original idea. What’s more, even if a certain business name isn’t in active use, a similar domain name may already be taken.

Luckily, there’s a web tool known as a business name generator that can help you choose the perfect name for your business. A business name generator works by offering up a list of business names available for use based on a handful of key terms that you type into the prompt. Most business name generators are powered by internet-combing artificial intelligence algorithms, ensuring that the name suggestions and domains that they deliver are 100% unique. Fledgling companies can use all the help they can get, and most name generators are completely free to use, so there’s little reason not to give one a try.

How to use a business name generator

Most business name generators are very simple to use: just put one or two relevant words that you’d like your name to include and hit ‘Enter.’ Then, the name generator will deliver a slew of results, allowing you to choose a unique business name from the list. Often, a business name generator will offer additional features like allowing you to choose a specific industry category or style of name. Many also present domain name availability along with results.

Best business name generators

There are literally dozens of business name generators out there, if not more. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to these excellent, easy-to-use tools to help you pick the right name for your organization. 


Best Feature: Freshbooks’ name generator has one of the classiest, cleanest user interfaces on the web.

On top of being one of the most respected online accounting and invoicing platforms, Freshbooks also hosts a Business Name Generator that is a cut above most competitors. After picking from a number of industries and selecting a name based on your chosen keywords, you can also create a logo through the site.

Wix business name generator

Best Feature: Wix allows you to choose a specific style of business name, so you can go with a “hipster,” “timeless,” or “dynamic” themed name, depending on your personal preference.

Wix is a platform that enables budget-conscious entrepreneurs to create a website for their businesses free of charge. As an added bonus, the site also features a free company name generator with a variety of options.


Best Feature: Shopify’s name generator is lightning quick, delivering one hundred potential names in under a second. 

Although Shopify is mainly known as an e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to set up an online store in exchange for a monthly fee, the site also provides a decent business name generator tool. Despite lacking some of the added features of other name generators, Shopify works great in a pinch, especially if you plan to use the platform to sell your products.

For those struggling to come up with a business name, head over to This tool is simple yet creative. Entrepreneurs can enter keywords that are associated with their business and get a list of viable business name options. 

Aside from providing creative names that you might not have considered, only provides business names that are available. Remember, most states won’t allow two businesses to have the same name. A business name generator checks a name’s availability for you. It’s a time-saving measure that many entrepreneurs appreciate since setting up a business comes with many tasks. 


Best Feature: GoDaddy’s business name generator tool is great because it’s well-implemented along with the site’s other services. After choosing a name that works for your business, you can move right into designing and launching your business’s website.

Principally known as a web hosting company, GoDaddy also boasts one of the smartest business name generators you’ll find on the internet. Rather than just deliver name suggestions based on one or two keywords, GoDaddy prompts users to input general information about their business, including industry and location, in order to generate the best results.


Best feature: Namelix has more customizability options than most name generators, allowing you to choose a preferred name length (short, medium, or long) and name style.

Namelix is a terrific name generator developed by that boasts a smooth, elegant interface and more options than most competitors. In addition to Namelix, offers other handy services for new companies, including Logolink, which enables you to hire a team of designers to craft the perfect logo for your company, and Brandmark, an innovative AI-powered logo design tool.


Best Feature: Not only can you search for a domain name with Brandroot, but you can also buy one directly through the site via one of the service’s partners marketplaces.

Brandroot’s slogan, “the smartest premium business generator,” may not be too far off the money. The free tool not only delivers an expansive list of potential names in seconds but also offers AI-generated logos to go along with them. Additional tools include a domain name finder, a store name generator, a business name search, and more.


Best Feature: Namesnack delivers its results in an innovative fashion by suggesting a name and also informing you whether or not a domain name based on the name is available.

A no-frills, free-to-use business name generator and domain name finder in one. Pick the perfect business name by typing in a couple of keywords and selecting a category.


Best Feature: After selecting using Oberlo’s name generator, you can go directly into the step of setting up your e-commerce business using the platform.

Oberlo is a platform that makes dropshipping simple, allowing users to search for products and sell them directly from their Shopify store for a profit, without ever carrying inventory. What’s more, Oberlo also offers a free business name generator that’s quick, easy to use, and generates names instantaneously.


Best Feature: Novanym makes domain transfer easy by doing all of the work for you, all you have to do is make the purchase and input the authorization code that is sent within 24 hours of the order. 

A handy name generator service that helps you find a new business name based on a number of criteria, including keywords, business type, and name style. Once you pick the right name, you can purchase a .com domain directly through the site and choose from a plethora of logo designs.


Best Feature: Namemesh separates its domain name results by category (“common,” “similar,” “new,” “fun,” “SEO,” etc.), giving you a better idea of what domain name to choose based on your business type.

Although it is more of a domain name finder, Namemesh is a great little tool. After typing in your keywords, you’ll get an extensive list of possible domain names separated by category. Many of the domain names will also display the potential price in case you decide to make a purchase.


Best Feature: In addition to its name generator, Getsocio also offers an innovative Slogan Generator that you can use to come up with a memorable, AI-generated catchphrase for your business. 

Getsocio is a tool enabling users to build an online store on the Daily Deal platform, which also offers–you guessed it–a free business name generator. The tool delivers business name ideas in the thousands, and all of them include domain availability as well.

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