Enter Mia’s total profit/loss for the month of May account in the box below

Are you stuck on this EverFi answer? Let’s break this down for you to give you the correct answer AND show you how to work it out:

For the month of May we can see that Mia has Revenue, Fixed, Expenses and Variable Expenses like so:


Dog Food$3,650
Cat Food$2,850
Pet Treats$1,650
Pet Suppies$1,800

Fixed Expenses

Product Stock$4,000

Variable Expenses

Card Purchase$300

Okay, so the question here is asking us to “Calculate whether Mia had a profit or loss”.

The first thing you need to do is add up the expenses.

Total Expenses = Fixed Expenses + Variable Expenses
Total Expenses = $9,000 + $300 = $9,300

So now we know that total expenses is $9,300 and total revenue is $9,950.

All you have to do is deduct total expenses from total revenue:

Profit/Loss = $9,950 - $9,300 = $650

Mia’s total profit/loss for the month of May account is $650.

Hope that helps you!

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