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Delaware is widely considered the most business-friendly state in the United States, offering efficient business courts, business-friendly tax laws, and one of the quickest processes for registering new businesses. Best of all, the owner does not need to live in Delaware so long as they elect a Delaware Registered Agent to manage correspondence for the company.

If you choose to go this route, it’s recommended to work with a Delaware incorporation service, like Harvard Business Services. Otherwise known as DelawareInc.com, this service makes it easy to register a new business in Delaware, all online.

At a glance

Harvard Business Services is an online provider of business registration and incorporation services. They aim to make it easy to register a company in the state of Delaware, regardless of where you live. Headquartered in Lewes, DE, Harvard Business Services serves clients from all over the US and the world and so far has helped form over 200,000 business entities. With Harvard Business Services (HBS), you can start a new LLC or corporation in Delaware in a matter of hours.

Everything is handled online, and you can have all your documents mailed or emailed to you in just a few business days. Prices start from just $179, which includes all Delaware state registration fees, making HBS a fantastic value. Our full Harvard Business Services, Inc review below will go over every aspect of this company in greater detail.

Who Harvard Business Services is best for

Harvard Business Services is best for business founders who want to take advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly regulations and tax laws. Delaware is well-known for having extremely business-friendly courts and laws, so much so that over 50% of publicly traded US companies are incorporated in Delaware. If you’d like to join the ranks of Delaware-based companies, HBS is perhaps the easiest way to do it.

With that said, HBS is only for registering businesses in Delaware. You don’t need to live in Delaware to take advantage – but you also can’t use this service to register a business in any other state.

Harvard Business Services features & services

Harvard Business Services specializes in forming new business entities in the state of Delaware. They keep things relatively simple and straightforward, opting to dial in their services to perfection rather than trying to offer every possible combination of business services. They are helpful for both forming and growing a new business. Here’s how they help. 

Harvard Business Services helps you start a business by…

  • Making it easy to form a new business in Delaware
  • Giving you a choice of corporation or LLC business structure
  • Enabling business owners to take advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly rules
  • Forming your new business in just a few business days
  • Helping you prepare all the necessary forms and documents
  • Delivering your business documents electronically or via mail
  • Helping you find the right company name with a Business Name Availability Check
  • Serving as your business’ Registered Agent in Delaware
  • Providing templates and business forms
  • Offering expedited processing speed for an additional fee
  • Offering stock certificates and membership certificates
  • Covering your purchase with lifetime customer support

Harvard Business Services helps you grow a business by…

  • Serving as your ongoing registered agent ($50/year agent fee)
  • Organizing a mail forwarding service
  • Providing Certificate of Good Standing, on request 
  • Providing ongoing access to digital copies of your articles of organization and other business documents online
  • Much more

Harvard Business Services keeps things relatively simple, focusing on the core services necessary for new Delaware formations and incorporations. They aim to be simple and efficient, just like the state of Delaware! That said, their upgraded packages, as well as some add-on services, expand functionality for business owners wanting more customized services. 

Harvard Business Services pricing & value

How much does Harvard Business Services cost, and is it worth it? HBS costs $179 to $329, depending on the package you choose. All plans include Delaware registration fees and one year of Registered Agent services (continues at $50/year if not canceled). Here’s a breakdown of Harvard Business Services’ costs.

Harvard Business Services plan pricing

There are three different packages from Harvard Business Services. The main differences are in processing speeds and physical vs. digital delivery of documents. Keep in mind that these prices apply to applications from US residents. If you’re not a citizen of the United States, additional fees may apply to incorporate in Delaware.

Green Package – $179

  • Standard filing speed
  • Form an LLC or corporation in Delaware
  • Delaware registration fees included
  • Electronic delivery of your formation documents in 3-5 business days
  • Online process that’s quick and easy
  • Includes 1 year of Registered Agent service ($50/year after 1st year)
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Free coaching for business compliance

Basic Package – $229

  • Standard filing speed
  • All features of Green package
  • Hard copy of all documents delivered via mail in 4-6 business days
  • Operating agreement, bank resolution form, bylaws, etc.
  • Lifetime support

Standard Package – $329

  • Expedited filing speed
  • All features of Basic and Green package
  • Documents delivered within 3-5 business days via expedited mail service
  • Stock certificate and membership ledger
  • 10 stock certificates
  • Gold embossed binder with custom logo
  • Custom corporate seal embosser
  • Much more

State fees

State fees are included in Harvard Business Services’ pricing structure. You won’t be charged extra for Delaware state fees, as their formation packages are all-inclusive. This inclusion of state fees makes HBS one of the cheapest LLC formation service options out there. 


Harvard Business Services presents excellent value for small business owners. Their plans start from just $179, including everything you need to form a business in Delaware. Fees are one-time costs, although you may need to keep using them as your Registered Agent for $50/year. 

Significant value is added in the rapid processing times of Harvard Business Services. With HBS, you can be fully registered, with documents in hand, in a week or less. With an optional Same Day Processing add-on ($150 extra), you can get registered the same day or next-day, depending on the time of filing. In the business world, time is money – and Harvard Business Services gets you started as efficiently as possible. 

Harvard Business Services customer support

Harvard Business Services is known for having great customer support. They are available via online chat, email, Skype, and phone. Their reputation for good support is referenced in many positive customer reviews, in which clients report good experiences with the HBS support team.

Even though most packages from HBS are just one-time fees, they all come with lifetime support. It’s good to see a business standing behind its services long after the customer has been billed for said services. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, Harvard Business Services is an excellent partner to choose for Delaware business formation services. They make it simple and efficient to form a new company in the great state of Delaware and access all the benefits of doing business in the state. They’re one of the most affordable options in the industry, offering excellent value for customers. Plus, they back up all their offerings with a lifetime of customer support. 

HBS has earned excellent customer reviews and great ratings from services like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have been forming Delaware LLCs and corporations for more than 30 years and have helped form more than 200,000 new business entities in the state. Suffice it to say they are a very experienced service provider that can take a lot of the complexity out of forming a new business in Delaware.